House Renovation & Extension, Kill, Co Kildare

© Photography - Brian McLoughlin

Project Outline

The project called for the creation of a larger combined kitchen, dining and family living area at the rear of the existing house. This was achieved by the construction of a new single storey extension to the full width of the house and which projected approximately 2.5m outward from the rear line of the existing kitchen area. A large existing living and dining room was divided up with a fully glazed sliding door to separate the front living room from the new combined extension space at the rear. The configuration of the new area allowed for a kitchen space to run the full length of one side with a separate utility area also. A large kitchen island unit was also installed. The one combined space at the rear allows for individual separate uses within while also linking all of these uses together.

At first floor level, the bathroom and ensuite facilities were upgraded as part of the project works.


The plan below outlines the ground floor layout of the project. It outlines the combined dining, living and kitchen spaces at the rear of the house with the new extension spanning the full width of the property. A separate utility space is also provided. At the front of the house, a new separate living room is created and the existing TV room is retained.

The original ground floor plan layout is outlined below where a large living/dining area occupied one side of the house with the kitchen area to the rear on the other side.


4 Galtrim Park Bray Co Wicklow


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