House Renovation & Extension, Bray, Co Wicklow

© Photography - Brian McLoughlin

Project Outline

A new single storey extension was added to the side of the existing ground floor plan on this detached house project in Bray.

The original plan layout did not provide sufficient living accommodation for the Clients and their family. The new extension incorporated a new kitchen, dining and living area within the one space and was created with an internally valuted ceiling to maximise the daylight penetration into the plan.

A large new sliding glass door was incoporated opening onto the side garden as well as a new window seat at the front of the property.

The existing kitchen area provided for a new utility room and additional storage was provided between the existing entrance hall and the new extension area.

Original Plan

The original plan of the house provided for relatively small accommodation for the family needs with a combined kitchen and dining area.

Project Plan

The new plan at ground floor level provided for a new single storey extension to the side that re-located the centre of the house and provided for a purpose built space for the kitchen, dining and family living areas. It was linked back to the existing sitting room via a new double door entrance with sliding doors.


4 Galtrim Park Bray Co Wicklow


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